Here are just a few to get you started. More to comeā€¦

  • A-Frame : free, web-based, simple markup language.
  • ARToolkit : free toolkit for AR programmers (with Unity plugin).
  • inVR : create a 3D model with Blender, SketchUp, 3DS Max, etc. then upload to inVR to share it as a web-based VR experience.
  • OSVR : an open source VR and AR toolkit supporting many input and display devices (plus their own open source head-mounted display).
  • Unity : very popular game engine, but much more than games. There is a free version.
  • Unreal Engine : another popular game engine. Free for non-commercial use.
  • Vizor : easy, web-based 3D editor and publishing.
  • Vuforia : popular toolkit for AR (with Unity plugin)

For hardware manufacturers’ drivers, development kits (SDKs), etc, there are links on the hardware page.