Research Conferences

Research conferences are a great way to see the latest research, skill up at tutorials and network with practitioners & vendors.

ACM and IEEE organise many of the research conferences relevant to AR and VR. The ACM events calendar lists many events related to computer graphics (not just ACM’s). There are several every month, worldwide.

If you can’t go to a conference, the research papers are usually published electronically and in book form. The collection of papers is typically called the “conference proceedings” although more recently the trend is to publish them as a special issue of an academic journal.

For example the annual ACM SIGGRAPH conference papers are now published as a special issue of the ACM Transactions on Graphics journal.

Below is a list of events where you’re more likely to find AR & VR (sometimes with other topics). The list is alphabetical, ignoring the conference organiser and type at the start of the name.

Industry Conferences

Large companies like NVIDIA and Microsoft hold events for developers working with their technology. There are also industry expos.