Feb 2017 AVRL Meeting Announcement

The Virtual Plant Cell: immersion in cell science through virtual reality

Thu 16th Feb 2017 6:00pm – 8:00pm
UWA Monadelphous Integrated Learning Centre (upstairs)

Karina Price is the Science Communications Officer for the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology. Since late 2015 she has led an international team developing The Virtual Plant Cell (VPC), a virtual reality experience that allows users to interact with a plant cell at a microscopic level and learn about the complex processes that scientists study.

Launched during National Science Week in August of last year, a pilot version of VPC, deployed on mobile devices, has been viewed by over 1,500 members of the public in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and at Edinburgh Fringe in the UK.

VPC has been overwhelmingly well received and its potential as a teaching tool validated through audience feedback. The Centre is continuing the development of VPC as a powerful science education and public outreach resource.

Come and find out how this VR success story happened…

  • How the project first came about (and its historic linkage with AVRL’s early days).
  • How scrapbooking, storyboarding and prototypes were used to design and explore ideas that matched the Centre’s education and outreach goals.
  • How the scale, graphical style and control mechanics were considered, weighing up realism, scientific accuracy, usability and fun.
  • Learn about the logistical and technological challenges of running live VR events.
  • And of course… try it for yourself on the night!

After Karina’s talk there’ll be a chance to ask her questions and then network with our friendly community.


UWA Monadelphous Integrated Learning Centre (upstairs)
Northwest corner of James Oval
Between Maths and Reid Library (map)

Free parking in UWA carparks after 5pm. Nearest:
Car park 15 (Fairway entrance 3 then turn left, to the end)
Car park 3 (Hackett entrance 1, straight to the end)
Car park 18 (Fairway entrance 1 then first right turn)