Sep 2016 AVRL Meeting Announcement

VR & AR at Scitech


5:30-7pm Thursday 29th September at UWA

Phillip Verschuer from Scitech will describe their adventures with bringing augmented and virtual reality to the public. Particularly the young, unpredictable demographic.

After Phill’s presentation there will be plenty of opportunities to try AR & VR.

We encourage everyone working on VR & AR to demonstrate their project, no matter what stage it’s at. It’s a great opportunity to see users try it, get feedback from experienced developers and network with potential partners or investors.

As an added incentive to demonstrate your work, AVRL will be selecting projects to show to a group of business leaders at a private briefing in late October.

Anyone interested in AR & VR is welcome and attendance is free.

Thursday 29th September 5:30-7pm
UWA Monadelphous Integrated Learning Centre (upstairs)
Northwest corner of James Oval, between Maths and Reid Library

Free parking in UWA carparks after 5pm. Nearest:
Car park 15 (Fairway entrance 3 then turn left, to the end)
Car park 3 (Hackett entrance 1, straight to the end)
Car park 18 (Fairway entrance 1 then first right turn)
Venue is available for set-up from 4:30pm
Loading bay at end of car park 16 (Fairway entrance 2)
Venue is building on the right