AVRL Meeting Apr 2016

Workshop Your VR or AR App!

Some VR developer's desktop (well, about 30% of it) Monday 18th April 4-5.30pm
SPICE Yellow Room, Centre for Learning Technology,
Ground floor Physics building,
Enter via side door up ramp

Unlike AVRL’s normal meetings, this workshop was for UWA staff and students only.

A group from of UWA students and staff with diverse interests and backgrounds met to brainstorm their AR and VR app ideas in a friendly, informal environment.

Jonathan Knispel started with a presentation to familiarise attendees developing or producing apps with the process ahead of them.

In his presentation, Jonathan covered a wide range of issues including:

  • having a well defined vision
  • defining clear roles for participants
  • whether to go solo or work in a group
  • intellectual property
  • the lifecycle stages of an app
  • milestones and regular reviews
  • hardware and software choices
  • building or buying content
  • viewing, navigation, selection & manipulation / controls
  • feedback and communication with the app user
  • networking and app persistence
  • testing, deployment and analytics

Following Jonathan’s presentation the attendees split into groups to workshop each other’s ideas. Kate Vyvyan and Jonathan moved around the tables facilitating discussion and pitching in with ideas.

We’d love to provide more details but we’re firm believers in respecting people’s intellectual property, particularly at the early stages of their projects.

Since the workshop we’ve had positive feedback from participants and several of the projects we know of are going ahead.